Swallowing Training
“The Parkinson's cause me to drool and I didn't want to eat out, but the exercises helped.Thank you!”

C. Davis 
Swallowcise developed "Live Interactive Sessions" to give adults access to cost effective, concentrated swallowing therapy.

Video conferencing sessions utilize the convenience of attending sessions from any location. Sessions are live, real time meetings allowing the client and coach to see and hear each other just like  in office visit.
Coaching sessions and screenings are prepaid. You can do 1 session or as many as you need.

Sessions are $30 USD for 15 minute sessions. Sessions can be 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
New advances in technology have made online consultation and training services efficient and effective for individuals with mobility and transportation issues.

These advances make it possible for adults to receive the services they need conveniently when they might otherwise be unavailable.
Steps to Get Started
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