Dr. Alicia and her team provide informative and helpful wellness seminars, workshops and coaching on all aspects of swallowing  and eating, from food selection, preparation, equipment and eating techniques. 

We cater to both large and small groups and are available for individual coaching and consultation.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Seminars & Workshops

Diet Modification Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

Private Consultation and Coaching

And much more!

Give us a call and so we can design a training that fits your needs..

Our prices vary for teleconference and location presentations.  Call us at (800) 249-1879 for a free quote.
“We didn't know what to fix for mom to eat after the stoke. and she hated the food.  The cooking class was great and now I know how to fix her favorites so she can eat them without choking.    Thank you!”
Becky Sims
Menlo Park, CA