Swallowing Exercises

Look forward to mealtime and start eating the food you enjoy again. Don’t let swallowing problems dictate your diet. Stop that feeling of having food stuck in your throat. 

If you have been diagnosed with dysphagia, commonly known as a swallowing problem, you may benefit from a swallowing exercise program.

Swallowcise is a do it yourself exercise program for people with swallowing problems and difficulty swallowing. It's a convenient exercise program you can do anywhere you have access to the internet.

Swallowcise contains the same exercises you would get in swallowing therapy and dysphagia.​

Lip, tongue and throat/swallowing exercises used on a regular basis allow for a faster improvement towards eating and drinking.
“The Parkinson's cause me to drool and I didn't want to eat out, but the exercises helped.Thank you!”

C. Davis 
Exercises that focus on improving swallowing strength and efficiency.
Video 1 - Warm Up Exercises
Video 2 - Airway Protection Exercises
Video 3 - Tongue Exercises
Video 4 - Throat Exercises
Video 5 - Positioning Techniques/Exercises
Swallowcise Complete Video Exercise Kit

7-Day Access $9.99
30-Day Access $19.99
Weakness in the lips and the muscles that surround the mouth can make it difficult to swallow food and saliva. When these muscles are weak the mouth doesn't close tightly resulting in  problems swallowing.  

Test your swallow:  Try to swallow with your lips and teeth apart. It is very difficult and causes swallowing fatigue. Swallowing fatigue results in fewer swallows and saliva escapes from the mouth and drooling occurs.
Why Increase Lip and Mouth Muscle Strength?
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